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What is Fedora?
Fedora is a Linux-based operating system, a suite of software that makes your computer run. You can use the Fedora operating system to replace or to run alongside of other operating systems such as Microsoft Windows™ or Mac OS X™. The Fedora operating system is 100% free of cost for you to enjoy and share.

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System Requirements

Minimum System Configuration

The figures below are a recommended minimum for the default installation. Your requirements may differ, and most applications will benefit from more than the minimum resources.
1GHz or faster processor
1GB System Memory
10GB unallocated drive space

My Recomended System Requirements

3GHz or faster processor
2GB or more RAM
100 GB or more unallocated drive space.
These specs will allow you to really enjoy full speed and purformance of Fedora while leaving room to try the best apps and games.


How to add RPM Fustion to Fedora

Click Here For Detailed Intsructions

To Play Encrypted DVD's on Fedora

You can Purchase the Fluendo DVD Player for Fedora. To do so CLICK HERE

OR You can try going to the livna repo and installing libdvdcss

Legal Warning: Check with your local laws to make sure usage of libdvdcss2 would be legal in your area.

You can get it from the livna repo. It's the only package that didn't get moved over to rpmfusion when they merged.

su -c "rpm -ivh"
su -c "yum --enablerepo=livna install libdvdcss"

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