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Functions And Uses Of Mobile Computing

Technology is growing advanced and advanced as the generation goes by. Each set of generation that passes on this earth has contributions to the world of discovery and science. These innovations make impossible to reality. There are electronic gadgets of all types and kinds, computers that can provide anything to query online, communications such as telephone. Couple of years ago, technology discovers a way on how to communicate people in every side of the globe. This discovery started with wired connection and eventually, technologies improve and we discovered mobile handsets. But today's generation is more comfortable and we are now using gadgets, mobiles, laptops, and other electronic gadgets on the go with out any interference. This technique is called mobile computing. In this article, I will discuss the nature of mobile computing, its purpose, functions and uses.

Mobile computing is a generic term use to elaborate the use of advance technology on the go, or while moving from one direction to another. This may be in close distance or even miles of locomotion. The main reason why this technology was developed is for businesses on the go. It would make no waste of time, thus generating profit, no, breakdowns and more convenient. Long time ago, we can't bring our gadgets since it is attached to something heavy or it is wired. If we bring the gadget where we go, it would no use until we connect it again to a source line. With this, businesses and transactions are getting delayed and would incur losses.

There are a lot of uses of these technologies. Not to mention the convenience it brings, it also use for security reasons. For instance, you are trapped somewhere in the midst of nowhere like in the forest that can't be reached of any wired gadgets, and then you can use a mobile phone or a transmitter to ask for help. Or in some cases, you can guide yourself with a GPS. Just imagine a danger that would even lead to death if these gadgets were not made. Another use of this thing is for monitoring purposes.

You don't need to be on your home just to see what's happening in there. You can have a small screen while you're travelling in your car, and have it virtually attached to your home's security camera. If bad things happen or if a burglar came in, you can call the cops and save your property and jewelries in your home. So instead of losing money and properties, mobile computing will bring your way to money savings and safety.

Some people would find it difficult to use a gadget as some devices are not user friendly. However, technology never left you helpless, there are voice activated gadgets that you can use, and some computers will even tell you what to do next. Its all shown on the screen and what you have to do is just choose from the options, like a middle school taking test on a multiple choice. Mobile computing and its nature are very useful and convenient.


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Functions And Uses Of Mobile Computing free software resources image
Functions And Uses Of Mobile Computing free software image

Functions And Uses Of Mobile Computing free software resources image
Functions And Uses Of Mobile Computing free software image

Functions And Uses Of Mobile Computing image