Aired Today: Pennsylvania State Legislature Holds Public Hearing on 2020 Election

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Aired Today; Pennsylvania State Legislature Holds Public Hearing on 2020 Election

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Originally on Right Side Broadcasting Network; After Rampent Voter Fraud was dicovered in PA, Senate Majority Policy Committee Chair David Argall (R-Berks/Schuylkill); Senate Majority Leader-Elect Kim Ward (R-39); State Rep. Dan Moul (R-91); State Rep. Rob Kauffman (R-89); and State Rep Paul Schemel (R-90); among other lawmakers will join Senator Mastriano in this historic hearing. This Hearing which happened Today Wednesday November 25, 2020: At the request of Senator Doug Mastriano (R-Adams/Cumberland/Franklin/York), the Senate Majority Policy Committee has held a public hearing Today to discuss 2020 election issues and irregularities. The hearing featured former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Mastriano is clear what is at risk.

“Elections are a fundamental principle of our democracy – unfortunately, Pennsylvanians have lost faith in the electoral system,” said Mastriano, who recently called for the resignation of State Department Secretary Kathy Boockvar for negligence and incompetence. “It is unacceptable.”

“Over the past few weeks, I have heard from thousands of Pennsylvanians regarding issues experienced at the polls, irregularities with the mail-in voting system and concerns whether their vote was counted,” said Mastriano. “We need to correct these issues to restore faith in our republic.”

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The Election Theft EXPLAINED In 4 Minutes

From Infowars; The Election Theft EXPLAINED In 4 Minutes. True patriots are fighting back to Stop The Steal as overwhelming evidence points to massive voter fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election.


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