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FTC Disclosure

The Federal Trade Commission requires that I disclose any relationship I have between a product manufacturer or service provider when I write about a product or service. This site for the most part uses no Testemonials to promote products however some of my Affiliate Advertisers who have banners on my site do and my realationship with them is as follows;

1. Iam an affiliate of several businesses whos banners or adds appear on my site. This means that if you click on an affiliate ad and buy their product I receive a commission for the sale. In other words if thiers no sale I don't get paid. Now some of these advertisers use testimonials in thier ads, and the opinions offered in them are not neccesarily mine.

2. I also have Google Ads and other similar click through advertisers on my site. There relationship works like this; if you see an ad I get nothing but if you click on it I get a very small payment. It takes alot of clicks to add up to any substantial amount of money and occastionally they use testimonials in thier adds and again those opinions in the testimonials are not necesarily mine.

3. You may have noticed I added a Donation Button recently this is why; Do to in my opinion to the failing economy I have had no sales commisions from affilates and click through revenue has been few and far between but yet I still need to pay for hosting and advertising so I added the Donation Button. This gives any user who wants to an opportunity to help support this site if they feel its been in someway helpful or useful to them. My sites are not NPOs or non profit organisations so DONATIONS ARE NOT TAX DEDUCTABLE but they will be greatly appreciated and will be used to support this site.

I'm no lawyer but I think that satisfies the FTC's requirements, if not I'm sure they will let me know. If you have any questions about this you may contact me at




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