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Simple Solutions on Winterizing Your Boat

There are many things that you can do to prepare your house for winter. Your house is only among the many important things that you should look after and prepare for the coming season. If you own a boat, it will also be best to be guided about ways on winterizing the material. The important parts that you should look into at this point are the hull and, of course, the interior of the boat. Aside from these, you should also prepare its drive system and engine to make sure that it would still work fine after the cold season.

To prepare the interior and hull of the boat for the freezing weather on the coming months, here are some steps that you should work at.

1. Before you store the boat, wash it first and wax so that you will have less work to do when it is time for spring. Maintain the shiny finish of the boat by maintaining its gelcoat.

2. Inspect the hull and be on the lookout for blisters at its gelcoat. When you find blisters, you should do something about the problem before this leads to even bigger dilemmas. Check the bow part if there are any stress cracks. These must be handled by professionals, so if you see such occurrence, call someone to help you about the matter. The hull must undergo pressure wash so that dirt and debris will be removed. If there are any barnacles, scrape these off and sand the affected areas.

3. Vacuum the interiors of the boat and do steps in shining the brightwork. The boat must be properly ventilated because problems may occur from dry and moist air. If the covered boat is not ventilated the right way, mold and mildew might grow. The vinyl of the boat must be sprayed with mildew inhibitor. If the problem seems to be dry air, the vinyl must be sprayed with protectant or you an also use gel for this purpose. Make sure that you remove all electronics from the boat before you keep it for the coming season.

4. In storing the boat, you can choose to do this outdoors, indoors or at a boat yard. You have to determine what you want so that you can make certain arrangements early. If you will store it outdoors, get a sturdy boat cover and support frame that can help it withstand the heavy snow.

While doing the project, bear in mind that your main goal is to shield the boat from the low temperatures in the coming season. This way, it will be ready for use when winter is through and the boat can be used again.

You may also want to check other boat owners how they handle winterizing solutions for this equipment. By gathering as much information, you can weigh what factors you can consider implementing for your own boat. There may be things that you have overlooked and they may be able to remind you of these, plus other tips and tricks on how you can go about the process.


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Simple Solutions on Winterizing Your Boat Winterizing Your Home resources image
Simple Solutions on Winterizing Your Boat Winterizing Your Home image

Simple Solutions on Winterizing Your Boat Winterizing Your Home resources image
Simple Solutions on Winterizing Your Boat Winterizing Your Home image

Simple Solutions on Winterizing Your Boat image