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Tips for Living Will Creation

Are you considering getting or writing your own living will? You might find it not really necessary. But if you want to take control of your life even at the time when you could not decide for yourself or speak up to have it your way, you need one. A living will could spare your family from the difficult task of deciding for your life. In case you get into a life threatening condition wherein there is a slim chance of survival, would they opt to have the medical team try to revive you or would they not opt to take the slim chance as there is a very remote possibility for success? You could decide. Here are some effective and helpful tips you could observe if you need to create your own living will at the soonest possible time.

Tip #1: Understand all available options

In general, experts advise people over the age of 18 years to have their own living will. The number of people choosing to create one is constantly increasing for practical and ethical reasons. You actually are not forced to write one. Explore your options. You should also take appropriate research about the whole procedure, the legal impediments, and all other important factors before your decide to call your lawyer and have one written.

Tip # 2: Pick an advocate or an executioner

You could have the details of your living will fully decided by you. You could also designate a person to make the significant decisions in case events are not covered by your own provisions. You surely want to make certain all your medical requests and wishes are carried out. You could pick a healthcare agent or backup proxy so that your living will would be carried out in case anything unfortunate happens to your designated person. Additionally, you could add an organ donation authority in your living will.

Tip # 3: Bulletproof choices

Have your family’s consent or the advice of your religious adviser when deciding which medical procedures to allow or disallow. This way, you could appropriately opt to include a Do Not Resuscitate order without incurring objections from the parties mentioned. The same goes if you are considering attachment of breathing devices, feeding tubes, and facilitation of dialysis.

Tip # 4: Write your own living will

You could start by writing your own living will by yourself. However, it would not be valid, legal, and effective unless notified by a certified lawyer. The living will could incur a minimal legal cost, so do not worry that much. You need to consider the effective legislations and policies in your nation or state. There could be certain terms and provisions in your document that could not be allowed in any way by the law.

Tip # 5: Update your living will regularly

It is important to always update your living will. There might be additional provisions and terms you want to include in it. Or there would be particular procedures you want to omit. By the way, do not forget to make a number of copies. Distribute one each to your doctor, family members, and agents. Keep a copy of your living will to yourself.


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Tips for Living Will Creation Living Will resources image
Tips for Living Will Creation Living Will image

Tips for Living Will Creation Living Will resources image
Tips for Living Will Creation Living Will image

Tips for Living Will Creation image