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Modern Techniques In Car Body Repairs

Your car may still be in good running condition, safe and fuel efficient, but if years of exposure to all the environmental elements had already taken toll on it, you might need to do something. After many years of using your car, you may find that its paint has already faded and that it already has some scratches, cracks, and dents that no amount of waxing can cover. Well, there are modern auto shops that offer excellent car body repairs to restore your investment. They offer a wide array of services depending on your needs and budget.

And today, there are already a lot of techniques used in restoring vehicles. Here are some of the modern techniques in car body repairs:

100% Auto Paint Match

Whether your car needs whole body painting, spot painting for covering dents, graphics removal, or others, the new paint should match the original car paint 100%. To achieve this, photo spectrometer is used to analyze the original paint of your vehicle. Then, a computerized auto paint color match system is employed to find the true color that will match the original color of your car. After this, the painting is done carefully to achieve a seamless finish. Once the paint has dried, your car will surely look like it's just freshly taken from a showroom.

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

Dents are commonly caused by impacts when your vehicle comes in contact with other cars or other hard surfaces. And the problem is, dents can sometimes occur at or near the angular or curve surfaces of the car, in which case they are very noticeable and harder to repair. Today, paintless dent removal method is already in use to solve these problems. Special tools are used to press, knead, or rub down on the affected part until it is back to its normal shape. This should be done while ensuring that the paint does not get damaged. And for those dents on hard-to-reach areas such as the edge of the car's floor, fill and spray methods are used.

Body Frame Straightening

For cars that experienced collision with another vehicle or object big enough to cause a longitudinal or lateral damage on the car's frame, body frame straightening is required. A computerized tool is used in this process. An ultrasound technology measures the discrepancy of the frame alignment and then a laser is used to accurately align the frame back to its original shape.

SMART Repair

This is a technique used to remedy a very small damage like a chipped or scratched paint. This is quite harder because only the small affected area should be sprayed accurately. It is very useful among brand new cars in which the damage may be conspicuous since the whole body is still glossy and newly painted. Some auto shops even offer a mobile service and perform this repair right at your home or office, so you won't be waiting for long before you can use your car. Just check online to find one near your address.

With these innovations in car body repairs, you can enjoy driving your car like brand new again. And, it will be easy to keep its value high in case you want to sell it in the future.


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Modern Techniques In Car Body Repairs Car Repair resources image
Modern Techniques In Car Body Repairs Car Repair image

Modern Techniques In Car Body Repairs Car Repair resources image
Modern Techniques In Car Body Repairs Car Repair image

Modern Techniques In Car Body Repairs image