Global Bombshell! UN Says COVID Restrictions & Lockdowns Are Killing Millions Must Stop

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After months of mandating lockdowns the World Health Organization finally admitted that worldwide lockdowns imposed by governments has resulted in a worse outcome than the COVID pandemic, and are now urging governments to reverse course in an effort to save face. Sure now they would say this after Countless businesses are lost and the economic back lash has devistated all nations not just America. The People of the World are FED UP with the lockdowns and they are PISSED and the W.H.O. knows it!

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Here is Ron Pauls Take on the Situation.

Victory? WHO Official Calls Lockdowns 'Ghastly Global Catastrophe'

A senior official at the World Health Organization has come out strongly against the official position of his own organization, arguing over the weekend that lockdown policies are "catastrophic" and cause more harm than they solve. The scorched earth these policies have left behind are now producing more poverty and deaths than the virus. Also today, blockbuster new peer-reviewed medical journal article demonstrates that school closures are killing more kids than Covid. And California Governor Newsom begs people to stay after he's made California a living hell.

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