How to Bypass Googles “Conservative Internet Kill Switch on Election Day 2020!

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How to Bypass Googles “Conservative Internet Kill Switch on Election Day 2020!

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As many of you know, just a short time back there was day when suddenly ALL CONSERVATIVE WEB SITES SEEMED TO DISAPPEAR FROM GOOGLES “FLAWLESS” SEARCH ENGINE! Google call it a “Glitch”. Many of us Independent Media call it a dry run for Election Day. So here is the question; how do we get around this on Election day if and likely when they do it again. First lets start with the obvious one. Use a Different search engine. Bing is OK they don't censor quite as much as google you might find what need there. However there are search Engines that specialize in privacy and may bypass censors.

Here They are:

Some of these search engines draw there data from Google so if Google De-lists a Conservative Site it still won’t show up however some of theses Search engines draw on multiple major search engines for there use, so the ones that use multiple sources might still work and you might get lucky. Now Lets try the direct approach. When all else fails “Dial Direct” or in this case type in the direct URL Address of the site. Now if you are like me you can’t possibly remember them all. That's OK because I can help with that. Here is how: TODAY before the Censorship kicks in Bookmark all Conservative web News that you can think of. Don’t worry if you can’t think of any I will give you a list.

Here is the List:

Next News Network on You Tube

Breitbart News You Tube


Gateway Pundit You Tube

Townhall Media on You Tube

Project Veritas You Tube

Paul Joseph Watson You Tube

And now here is a Report from Alex Jones on the Internet Censoreship.

Veterans Mask

Dems' Election Meddling Final Solution: Internet Killswitch

The Alex Jones Show

Alex Jones breaks down the Dems' final solution to steal the presidential election by using the internet killswitch.

Veterans Mask


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